Aerial filming is - by it’s nature - complex and generally quite expensive.

But with the use of remote control multicopter we can bring it next to you.


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Be part of the flying. Real-time.

What makes us really unique? With our equipments you can enjoy of getting the view of a real flying bird. The real-time HD video feed can be viewed on a tablet or on a mobile TV screen. Furthermore, can you imagine that your peers/invitees watch the live video feed on a bigger projector? This is all available with us.

On a
10“ Android
On a
22“ Mobile
BITS Aerial is specialized in creating a product that allows your

company to stand out in a world surrounded by media marketing.


At BITS Aerial we can work with you and your budget to deliver

spectacular aerial photo and video based on your needs.

Equipment & Technology

DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter H3-3d camerastabilizator Gopro Hero 4+ Black Edition Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 The Pilot Zeiss Cinemizer Oled 3D FPV video glasses
Our equipments are portable. We do shoots from inside buildings

through water events to the top of the mountains in every season.

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Get a quote. Best price/value guaranteed.

Every project is different according to the actual requirements, difficulty and time consumption, these are what the pricing is based on.

The opportunities are endless.
Leverage our knowledge and experiences.

Safety first!

BITS Aerial takes safety very seriously.
People come first following by the expensive equipments.

BITS Aerial is fully insured for aerial operations up to
3.000.000 Swiss francs in all over the world.

BITS Aerial will not fly in winds over 25 mph due to
unstable footage and risk to equipment.

BITS Aerial's pilot will always have the discretion to reschedule
the shooting due to weather and unforeseen safety/site issues.

BITS Aerial will do their best to survey the filming site as soon as
possible in order to achieve the maximum safety and discuss
different options with client on site.